Damage Waiver

Damage Waiver Fee:

At Just Play Rentals LLC, we provide an optional non-refundable damage waiver of 5% for all rental equipment costs. To avail of this coverage, the lessee must select and pay for it in full before the start of the event, and sign the rental contract. Please note that the acceptance of any claims that may arise is at the sole discretion of Just Play Rentals LLC.

This cost covers:

  • Up to $250 per contract in accidental damage of rented equipment.
  • Up to $500 per contract in reasonable wear and tear physical damage to the rental equipment.
  • Up to $500 per contract in wind and storm damage to tents, properly deflated inflatables, and covered/removed soft play equipment. 

Please note that this Damage Waiver is not a liability insurance. Additionally, please be aware that the coverage does not extend to theft, vandalism, face painting, misuse or abuse of equipment, or any other activities listed in our prohibited/rules list. Missing equipment will be billed at the new replacement cost. 

Should any damage occur, please inform us immediately. In the event of a spill or any liquid-related accidents, please clean the affected area promptly and notify us so that we can take appropriate measures to prevent equipment damage.

Moving equipment will automatically void the damage waiver.

Please be aware that if you decline, you will be responsible for any damages that may occur, up to the entire cost of replacing the equipment.